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We own 5 modern, up-to-date, numerically controlled “Work Centers” which, together with the competence of our technicians and operators, enable us to carry out very high level operations.

Thanks to our technology, we can produce any shape and object – starting with its design, the translation of the drawing into software which in turn issues instructions to the machine. The passwords are versatility, flexibility, short lead time between design and first finished product – without the nightmare of having to tool up a production line or of needing the capabilities and skills of a traditional woodworker, which is becoming more and more difficult to find.

We specialize in “doing anything”! We produce components for display cabinets, office furniture, we process foamed materials for refrigerators … indeed, we don’t just machine wood and its derivates (MDF), but also foams and any material comparable to wood like Corian®, Forex and other composite materials.

In the framework of these processes, we are also equipped for the performing of thick plates via electric oven and mould/counter-mould. Specifically, our firm has been certified by Dupont™ fo Corian® machining.

We build moulds and do the foaming ourselves . In short for someone like us – who has decided to follow the market in a rapid and quick way - there are no boundaries and we build something new every day, we continuously add new competences to our know-how.

.Thanks to our vocation, we translate specific requirements into machine code – so that they become products, elements, intermediates, components. Seamlessly, carrying out processes entirely in-house, which enables us to offer our Clients service, quality, short delivery times

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