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Falegnameria Cardarelli
Work Centre Routech "R400 Robot"
R400 Robot is a 5-axis machining center with the distinctive feature of greatest versatility of use.

It is also noteworthy for the big component loading height, allowing machining of very thick components, such as models and moulds, furniture for the nautical and aeronautical sector, all kind of 3D-parts.

The rigid structure with fixed portal and mobile twin worktable, combined with the performance of the 5-axis Master robot head, guarantee utmost precision and top quality finishing.

Master head unit
The distinctive features of the Master robot head are:

  • Extraordinary versatility because of the continuous rotation of the vertical axis and the 270° tilting of the horizontal axis.
  • Utmost mechanical precision using a high reduction ratio for motion transmission.
  • Heavy-duty machining capacity with considerable stock removal using the POWER 2000 electro-spindle.
  • Top quality finishing as a result of the rigid machine structure.
Pendulum machining
R400 Robot, with two independent mobile worktables, facilitates pendulum machining, also with very large sized components.

To ensure a safe operator position during the pendulum process, R400 Robot is fitted with transparent twin safety doors.

X TWIN version
In the event of large and complex components, when the time for loading and unloading can be disregarded in respect of the machining time, the perfect solution is the R400 Robot "X-TWIN" version with two routing units, each with its own X-axis, suitable for simultaneous machining of one component per table, with different shapes each other.

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