Falegnameria Cardarelli
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Falegnameria Cardarelli
Technology First !
Cardarelli has 5 “numerically controlled work centers” available.

Beginning from 1987, when we installed our first SCM “Routron”, in 1962 we purchased a “Record 2” still from SCM (3-axis machine, 7-post tool change and one drilling unit – a very versatile machine that today we use mainly for deep boring of components for ecological, wooden guard rails)

We then have a point to point borer – essentially a boring machine fitted with automatic panel feed – and a fourth SCM work center: “Routronic Hpc” (twin tables, four axis, two opposite chucks and a fifth “Vector” axis, allowing the chuck to turn over itself over 360 degrees). A definitely larger, more powerful machine with which we started being able to work on large dimensions : up to 4.30m width, by 1.86m depth and 50cm height

Our latest arrival is the Routech “R44 Robot” which opened new horizons for us, we can now machine parts 7m wide by 2.2m depth, 1m maximum height

With these machines and the technology we have acquired over years of studies, practically we have no more limits and we can offer a range of solutions with which we can really “do anything”

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